Equipment Rebuilds

JAK HD takes pride on our bare chassis rebuild programs. We can turn your worn-out core into an “as new” machine with performance comparable to new. Our process can be modified to suit your budget. We can rebuild your existing machine “on condition” and save you money, or alternatively break the machine down to bare frames, sandblast, NDT, and start from the ground up giving you an “as new” result.

It is far more cost effective to rebuild your existing machinery than buy new. We can rebuild trucks, graders, loaders, excavators, wheel dozers and track dozers and service vehicles.

The experienced team at JAK Heavy Diesel know how to save money when it comes to parts and rebuilds, without compromising quality and extensive labour costs.

  • Removal of major components for 3rd party overhaul
  • Complete chassis crack inspection and repair
  • Refurbishment of radiator assembly
  • Refurbishment of all panels, bonnets, walkways and handrails
  • Engine tune up and repairs
  • Replacement of all hosing and mounting hardware
  • Full Front-end steering overhaul
  • Tandem overhaul
  • Breaks
  • Overhaul articulation assembly
  • A-frame, blade assembly overhaul
  • Goose neck upgrades
  • Full sand blast & paint
  • Line boring of all steering and rear axle components
  • Cab refurbishment including fitment of cab pressuriser
  • Service of grease pump and repairs to the entire system