JAK Heavy Diesel

JAK HD is now known in the industry as specialists in mobile plant maintenance and custom mobile plant rebuilds. We got our name from being RESPONSIVE. Our Motto is ‘if your wheels aren’t turning, you’re not earning!’. Employing over 40 elite tradespeople and skilled personnel with a fleet of mine spec field service vehicles servicing all areas of Queensland.

JAK specialise in providing diesel mechanics, auto electricians, welding & fabrication, line borers and servicepersons throughout the mining industry. Our workforce covers short term, long term, shutdown and field service projects as well as complete heavy equipment rebuilds.

The head office operates 15 minutes from Rockhampton Qld, managing all operations and focussed on improved response time, empowering customer service and the mobility of personnel throughout the Bowen Basin. JAK Heavy Diesel was established in 2012 with a sole dual traded fitter/auto electrician and has grown as a highly productive family run and operated business.

Our People

We understand the delivery journey for our clients is as critical as the final product. Our teams have an open and proactive approach and are committed to the principles of collaborative contracting.

Each JAK HD team member is defined by the project they are delivering. We involve nominated team members from the initial tender stage to provide continuity throughout the project lifecycle.

Our teams are selected on a best-fit-basis ensuring the skills and character are best matched to your project. The right people are appointed based on technical skills and the role they will play within the broader construction team.

JAK HD employs industry leaders across all levels of staff who have proven track records our sectors. Our core team specialise in key areas such as planning, design, service and quality assurance.

Ongoing training and development keep our team skills at the forefront of industry best practice, and essential to successful project outcomes.

Our Values

JAK Heavy Diesel Pty Ltd promotes an organisational culture in which the principles of HSEQ are highly valued and upheld through the JAK HD core values.


Delivering on promises, safely

One Team

Collaborating to accomplish a shared purpose


Leading by example in everything we do


Achieving solutions that make a difference


Acting with authenticity, integrity and respect